About Me

Born in Lahore, Pakistan
Momina acquired BFA degree from National College of Arts (NCA) with the award of Honours. Momina resides in Lahore where she works as a professional miniature painter, a free-lance artist and teaches at Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD). Momina also practiced and studied Oil-painting, Print-making, Sculpture, Photography at NCA with Art History as her major subject.
Momina received Merit Scholarship throughout her years of study at NCA. Apart from exhibiting her work in Pakistan she has also exhibited in London(A/Political), Milan (Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art), Iran (Qasr Garden Museum), India (Amazon India Fashion Week), Indonesia, Colombo, Kabul, Paris and Dubai. Momina was shortlisted for the Artraker Award in
2014 and now has been selected for ‘The London Summer Intensive’; an artists’ residency programme led by Camden Arts Centre & the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Momina’s work initially evolved around the psychological theory of cognitive dissonance which led to subtle coalition of beauty and ugliness to become a salient feature in her work. Free and intuitive in her art practice through which she tries to make peace with the world by the title “(It) Is Still Green On My Land”, she present all that she contains.
Momina has a sound and astute awareness of esthetic taste and experience with diligence, hard work and attention to details. Majoring in Miniature Painting at NCA, she observed a subtle coalition of harsh subjects painted in a beautiful manner. Relating it to the fact that how our composure is consistent during the times of turmoil she realized that she was unable to express what she felt in entirety on a Wasli (handmade paper). Eventually, she introduced the classical Miniature technique on bones to personify how life ceaselessly succeeds to continue regardless of the simultaneous presence of horrendous and lifeless acts of violence.